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    The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]

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    With the start of a new academic year, September is a great time to start up new healthy habits so I made this challenge to help you try out a few of my favorites! You’ll only do each different challenge a few times but if you like it stick with it! I hope you can use this challenge as a motivation, a kick start, for things that will help you build & sustain a healthy lifestyle. And feel free to customize! You can add in other challenges, swap them around, make this work for you.

     I would LOVE to see how you all use the chart so if you do tag me in it here or on my instagram @ piecesinprogress !! :)

    Fresh Start September Challenge Instructions:

    1. Print out both sheets (blow up as an image in Microsoft Word).
    2. Cut out daily challenges and put each piece of paper in a challenge bowl (you can decorate this too!)
    3. Every day pick out 1 new challenge from the bowl.
    4. Once you complete that day’s challenge tape it up on the blank chart.

    Optional: set prizes for completing certain numbers of challenges!

    For more health/fitness inspired challenges go here! :)

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    On my first day working at Disney World I went into the bathroom and accidentally smacked right into Snow White, and she went “Oh fuck!” and almost dropped her Red Bull and that was the beginning of the best job I’ve ever had.

    On my first day I was walking and ran into Ariel drinking Starbucks and she said “What’s up bitches”

    I want to work at Disney

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    the scariest thing about the Hunger Games films is when Caesar Flickerman legitimately makes you smile because he is the one that turns this twisted fight to the death into mindless entertainment for the masses and in that moment you realize that just for a second it worked on you.

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Some of my personal struggles with both loving and hating makeup at the same time.


    Some of my personal struggles with both loving and hating makeup at the same time.

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    Tomorrow - Thursday, July 31st, 2014 - The People’s Printshop will be releasing Veronica Fish’s limited edition print, “Falkor and Atreyu" which is based off of the classic film and novel, "The Never Ending Story.”  Veronica’s 11” x 17” signed and numbered print will be an edition of only 40.  The print will be released at a random time so be sure and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.

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    "If you were in a different body, would you have the same personality?"
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Miley just broke the laws of physics.


    Miley just broke the laws of physics.

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